8 Ways to Keep Business Moving During Isolation

While it seems like the rest of the world is shutting down, the government continues to operate. We know this means you do too. And so does your pipeline.

At CLEVER, we keep your BD pipeline moving forward, so you can apply your time to other business activities and challenges you may be facing during this time. The Government needs to keep its doors open, and the Spring rush may be busier than ever. Even with limited face time, you can still prepare yourself by perfecting your pipeline with CLEVER. There are eight key elements you need to accomplish to win Government business, and in today’s environment, doing all eight is more important than ever.

1.       Identify the opportunities you have the greatest chance of winning.

2.      Manage your entire pipeline/capture process like a portfolio of investments, not just individual opportunities.

3.      Gather ALL the intelligence that is available,so you have the broadest base of quality information to base your capture effort on – and then your proposal.

4.      Know where you stand on all your efforts, so you can make the right decisions as early as possible.

5.      Maintain a flow rate (that is why it is called a pipeline), so you achieve your desired financial goals.

6.      Develop a trust relationship with the client before you bid.

7.      Turn all your hard capture work into compelling proposals driven by a solid story line.

8.      Have the right ‘justifiable’ price.

CLEVER by 90Degrees takes care of the first 5 elements completely and it facilitates the final three – it is a combination of a unique pipeline planning, management and execution tool and a personalized research service that looks deeply into ALL the intelligence available for each priority opportunity placed in your pipeline. And, we keep everything up to date for you while providing strategic guidance on shaping your approach to winning.

Wouldn’t you like more flow with opportunities evaluated for you by our Smart Selector machine learning technology that finds you the winnable deals? Wouldn’t you like to have all the intelligence you need to help execute your capture, kept up-to-date and expanded upon during the entire pursuit process? No time reports, no going back by you to check for what is happening, no need to try and follow up with contracts what is going on, we take care of it and feed everything to you through our online system – a true data management and process execution system.

When you're ready to fulfill these key elements, contact us here at CLEVER so we can help see you through.

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