Does Your Pipeline Have A 5-Year Plan?

Does your pipeline tool plan and model what your pipeline needs to look like and how it needs to perform? We suspect you are saying to yourself right now – no, but how important is that? I put whatever makes sense to me into my pipeline, and then I chase as much of it as I can.

OK, that may be all you think you can do, but it is a little bit of wishful thinking to assume that everything will come out the way you want it to in the end. You do try to do an annual plan for your business, and that generally includes some financial targets. Where is that money going to come from? Your pipeline of course. So why would you not want to model what your pipeline needs to look like and how it needs to perform in order to meet your financial goals?

Is there a pipeline management system that does that? Yes, CLEVER. In fact, it will allow you to build a 5-year pipeline plan, and it will measure the risk associated with your plan – nothing like being able to adjust to lower your risk factor before you are too far into the year.

Then, it converts that plan into 10-key metrics that are measured every month and converted into a Smart Score so you can know, by looking at a single number, just how healthy you are.

This is especially important for small to mid-size companies that have some big contracts making up a significant portion of revenue. When you win that big 3- or 5-year contract it is exciting. Nice to know you have some good years ahead. But a realistic businessperson will also start thinking about what will happen when the contract is over. Sure, you hope you will win the re-compete if it is a services contract. But can you guarantee that?

The better plan is to assume you will lose the work and start planning now for what you will need to do to at least replace it before the end-day event occurs. But how? How many more deals will you need to look at? How many more will you need to convert into a bid? How many more will you need to win? And what resources will you need to do all of this?

We are glad you asked – because CLEVER can tell you. And, once we have the answer, your personal CLEVER research team will work year by year to make sure you have the right number and size of opportunities,carefully selected and evaluated by the Smart Selector technology just for you,so you will not see your company shrink back to its former self.

CLEVER is a system, wrapped in a service, and tailored to your company through our unique Market Profile and Pipeline Planning technologies. We work as a direct extension of your BD team, providing a system and service unlike anything else in our industry. If you would like to see the right opportunities, and have the right intelligence to pursue them, delivered to you through the most advanced BD system in government contracting, you might want to arrange a demo.

Contact us, we will not only show you what the CLEVER system and service are all about, but in real time we will show you what your pipeline needs to look like for your business goals.

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