Where Can You Get the Right Information to Find Opportunities to Pursue?

If we drop the word ‘right,’ you have a couple of options:

1.      You can just rely on SAM (FBO) and FPDS and USASpending.gov and agency forecasts. There is a lot of information in these sources, and they are all free. However, they are not easy to use, there are gaping holes in the information you need to make good decisions, not to mention time consuming to search through.

2.      So, what do most people do? They subscribe to a paid data source that taps at least some of the free data sources (very few agency forecasts can be tapped, so that becomes a hit-and-miss manual process that most services do not provide.) These paid sources are a good idea. Given the limited(not free) time you and your staff have, the access to data these services provide are a big improvement over option 1.

Let’s stop here and talk about some limitations to these options. In the case of Option 1, in addition to the fact it is not at all free, there are significant limitations on availability of critical information(for example an incumbents RFP) that your competitors will have. What about Option 2? Certainly, far more information is available (depending on the service you subscribe to), including documents and the ability to do some competitive analysis. Some even have information on high level government contacts.Issue – you still have to take the time to do the research, you need to know how to do the proper analysis with what you find, and no one service as all of what you will want, but subscribing to multiple services can be expensive (on top of your time). And, are you sure you are getting the right combination of services to maximize benefits?

There is also an issue with both Option 1 and 2 – where do you store all this information, so it becomes useful to your entire team? Yep,now you need to start thinking about some internal data store, probably a CRM,that may be configured to work in tracking government pursuits, but still lacks all the right tools to facilitate the entire capture process. You can even find some CRMs that have been connected to some of the data services, but no one connects to all of them, so you are still left with gaping holes in your intelligence base.

Is there an Option 3? And does it address these issues? Yes.It is called CLEVER.

With CLEVER, we will work out the data sourcing issue for you. We also go into data stores that are hard to find, because we are professional researchers. Everything we do is tailored to your company in ways no other service or system is capable of. And all the information goes into an online system built to support the entire public sector business development process. Go ahead, try to find a CRM that plans your pipeline? [CLEVER does.] Find one that can analyze an opportunity against hundreds of data points to determine how well it fits your capabilities and target market? [CLEVER does.] And it does not stop there.

Want to see more? Request a demo, and we will even build a pipeline model for you in real time during our discussion.

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