A BD insights platform that doesn't just make you smarter. It makes you better.

Built specifically for how GovCon companies operate, we turn better insights, collaboration and processes into better wins. Best-in-class knowledge and deep experience with billions in contract wins now available to you.


Getting the information you need to make better-informed decisions has never been easier.


To execute a successful BD process, you need to understand the market segment you will pursue, and the descriptors of your business model that drive good research and opportunity selection. CLEVER contains a robust Market Profile process to define your business and your target market. Research is then done on both potential clients and competitors. Combined with business parameters you enter; this baseline drives an intelligent screening tool that assesses opportunities for you.

Search Design & Curation

To assure the right opportunities are being screened, your CLEVER research team will use your Baseline to develop searches that are executed on multiple databases of potential work. Results of the search process are put through an intelligent screener that does two capability matches against your current work and your desired profile; adds in several other criteria on lead time, value, and more to create a pipeline appropriate score for you. Your research team also personally examines the results to assure you are seeing the very best ‘curated’ opportunities.

Analysis & Insights

Once you approve a screened opportunity to move forward into your pipeline, the real research begins. At this point your CLEVER team starts to capture information on client contacts, mission and organization. They research incumbents and potential competitors, capture documents – public reports – presentation – even articles where key players or the program are mentioned.

Beyond individual opportunity research they will also provide you with market insights on budgets, win-rates, acquisition trends, and more – but tailored to your activities. Just for good measure there is also a general market intelligence site you can access as well.

Research On-Demand

Everyone has questions they would like answers to, but never have the time to look. Whether you want to know more about a teaming partner or competitor, or you have questions about agency spending/ acquisition trends, you can just ask your CLEVER team. For a little extra, we can even answer questions about labor rates or conduct a preliminary price-to-win analysis.


We make it easy to stay on top of all your top opportunities by monitoring daily activity and updating all records.

Search Maintenance

Searches never last! So, we know we need to continuously monitor results. By comparing what is found to what makes it to your pipeline we calculate a Results Ratio for every search. If it is not good enough, searches are refined or rebuilt using new inputs to the Baseline combined with research using Google Trends data that we refine to show us search term trends for government.

Activity Review

BD requires actions to be taken. Your CLEVER team will work with you and recommend when actions are needed to move opportunities toward bid. Within CLEVER, you can establish your own pursuit plans, make assignments, and monitor task execution. We can also create automated tasks and notifications when certain actions need to be taken.

Daily Updating

Nothing ever stays the same for long. Acquisition strategies change, new competitors come onto the scene, documents are released, new articles are printed, government events are scheduled, notices released, dates change – it goes on. And every day we are monitoring activity around all of your high priority opportunities and updating your CLEVER system records for you.

Dashboard & Reporting

You will find an interesting dashboard in CLEVER that shows you monthly and annual activity in your pipeline. It also displays your 10 critical performance metrics, shows you monthly changes, computes your SMART performance score, displays your progress reaching financial targets, and provides quick views of opportunities in critical stages of the development process. Throughout CLEVER, new views can easily be created to show you what you want to see – and we create them for you.


We help bringing teams together by bring all pipeline-related information together in one cloud-based solution.

GovCon Focus

We have a singular focus – government contracting. We have been in the business since 1992, and a few of us for a long time before the company existed. Everything about CLEVER has been built to give you best-in-class processes combined with services we wish we had when we were walking the pavement!


You are going to want to review your opportunities – both as a portfolio of investments and individually, and CLEVER provides you the tools you need. You can see overall pipeline performance; you can ask your team to use CLEVER’s progress measurement tools to assess how opportunities are moving through stages of development. Then, when a development stage changes, use the P-Win calculator to take stock of your chances of winning the deal, and watch your financials change as you enter new P-Win scores.


Never fails, you are looking at an opportunity, or a document or task, and you get a great idea you want to share. You could email, but what a pain. Just go to the nearest CLEVER comment box (they are all over the place) and send a note to those you want to inform. Yes, now they will get an email, and comment histories will stay with the record or document or task, so you can easily access the conversation.

Task Management

From automated notifications that trigger tasks, to setting capture plan activities for stages in your process, to random assignments, you can manage all your BD activities in one place. Set due dates, priorities, reminders – assign multiple people – attach relevant documents; and access task summaries for opportunities or individuals. Everything you need to run your BD operations in the most effective manner you will find in CLEVER.

It is essential to have a well-defined business development process, and the Clever Cloud gives us that. But it is the supporting research and intelligence services from the team at Clever that really makes a difference in our day-to-day effectiveness.

Matt Hederstrom

Chief Development Officer,

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